PLC Programming what language is used to program PLCs

PLC Programming what is the language?

Unlike conventional programming language paradigms which make use of some type of if else conditional type constructs. PLCs make use of a logical circuit type methodology called ladder. Ladder consists of rungs and branches which is used to add instructions to your plc programs. These allow of certain inputs and outputs on your plcs to be turned on and off with basic logic. Ladder is a graphical language which can be drawn with some logical form in order to control your plc unit.

What software do I need to program ladder?

Generally it is common to make use of some software which contains the ladder functions. Software such as rs logix is used to program ladder logic. Here is an example of ladder logic in rs logix.

Ladder example of a plc program

Ladder example of a plc program

Some basic ladder stuff

Some of the most basic instructions can build quite awesome programs. Just with XIC, XIO and OTE you can build so many circuits. XIC is examine if closed. XIO examine if open and OTE is output energized. Outputs sit on the right side of your rungs on your ladder program. On the left is your inputs of your program. The left gets evaluated then executes your outputs. XIO will be evaluated when the switch is open. The easiest way to learn to program in ladder is to create your own little project and build it in the rs logix platform.

What do I need to learn next?

Start by learning a few ladder instructions there quite a few more such as ons,osf,osr, ton and more which will allow you to do more complex ladder programs later on and really improve your skills. Below are some more free plc programming resources which you can check out. The owner of the blog updates it with new tutorials all the time and gives a positive spin on the content.

plc programming

plc programming tutorial

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